Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jonli Awalla's Tomb

An Indonesian policeman beat Jonli Awalla, a Miangas islander, to death in May 2005 over drinks. One year earlier, Awalla helped me reaching his island from Manado. I remember an afternoon drink that I had in his home. His death prompted the whole Miangas to fly a Filipino flag, protesting not only against the policeman but also showing their distaste toward Indonesia.

A Filipina scholar took this photo in March 2008, sending it electronically to me. I feel so sorry to Jonli Awalla. I remember our first encounter, four years ago, on a Manado-Miangas ship. He was a warm guy. He talked to me about his beloved island. He was the secretary of the island.

May Jonli rests in peace!

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