Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Voting in Indonesia's Presidential Election

Voting in the presidential election on July 9, 2014 in a booth near my apartment in Jakarta. 

AS an Indonesian citizen, I am regularly involved in political activities. I always use my rights to vote in post-Suharto Indonesia. But I try not to get involved in too many political activities i.e. joining a campaign, writing speeches for any candidate. My works demand independence as maximum as possible from the public perception that I am not neutral.

Later I learned that candidate Joko Widodo, the Jakarta governor, had won the race in my neighborhood over Prabowo S. Djojohadikusumo, a former commander of Indonesia's Special Forces. Widodo got 244 votes and Prabowo 66 votes. I compared the voting record in my booth and that at the election commission website. They matched.

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