Sunday, December 10, 2006

Inglish - Indonesian English

What is Inglish? Well, simply, it should be Indonesian English. And Indonesia has many languages. So these funny sentences also come, at least, from some Java-based languages. I got these quotes from various sources:

Javelish The typical Javanese language: lho, lha, tho, kok, iki

- Lho, I already bought that book!
- Kok, buying again?
- I told you many times tho!
- Lha, I didn't know ... how iki?
- Don't be like that, no!?

Jakartenglish Jakarte English is marked by the exclamation words: sih, deh, dong, nih

- That book is very good, deh.
- Can you speak English? Yeah a little sih I can!
- Use my money first nih.
- Give me more dong.
- How sih? Little little angry.

Surobenglish is marked by tah and the famous remark diancuk

- "No fucking good" is translated as "No diancuk good"
- Do you feel sick, tah ?

Sundanglish is also available such as atuh, euy, mah

- Well, if that kind, it's pretty so-so atuh
- It can't be that way euy.
- I am mah, not like that ... but anything else


Anonymous said...

Slip of the tounge atau gagap budaya ya? :D

Ini wartawan poenja blog. said...

Lucu sangatlah. Cam english di Malay. Ex, I nak pegi ke hospital nih. U shopping di mane? etc..etc

He gitulah biase cakap2nye. Asik tak?

Anonymous said...

oom, nggak takut disentil "polisi EYD"?