Thursday, October 20, 2005

Norman's First Text Message

Norman went out with his forth grade friends at Gandhi Memorial International School to visit Takuban Perahu and a tea plantation this Thursday. They went there in some Blue Bird buses with their teachers. It is the very first time ever Norman goes on his own. I brought him to school this morning. He will stay one night in Bandung. He will share the hotel room with his classmate Winarto. He was very enthusiatic to be able to go on his own without his parents.

I also brought him my old handphone 0813-81097697. He usually refused to bring a handphone. The school discourages young students to bring handphones. But it is okay to bring a handphone on such an occassion. As soon as he left the school compound, I began to call him, checking if everything is okay. I also called the hotel in Bandung, checking if everything is okay. Norman has an astma. I have to check the hotel linen etc.

Norman sent me his first text message at 5:07 PM. It read, "Thank you pa I will see you on friday."

I will never want to miss this sentence. I love you Norman! I love you so much.


B-a-r-r-y said...

Simple yet very heart warming.

-Fitri Mohan- said...

so sweet.