Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Letter from Norman

This morning I found an envelope in my bedroom. It came from my son, Norman Harsono, who apparently put that envelope while I was still sleeping. Inside the envelope was a piece of paper, taken from my reporter's note. Norman wrote a letter. This is not his first letter to me but so far the longest one. There are some grammatical error but it is tolerable for a seven-year-old boy.


Dear dad,

Thank you for everything you teach me to be a good boy.

You are the one who pay everything for me. My school, my houses, my car, everything. Even everybody in my school who meet you likes you and you work very hard for me and all my family.

Thank you once again for being my best father in this hole wide world.

Love from you son,


This is a moving letter. Norman is a second grader now. I always worry about his situation as his parents have divorced since last year. I want to frame this letter and put it next to my desk. I love you, Son.

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