Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Messages from Norman

I kept some messages from my son Norman in my handphone. Everytime I miss him, I open his messages, trying to figure out how he is doing. I love my son so much. He also loves me as much. Norman basically expressed his feeling and his sadness in these messages.

My Nokia mobile, however, is an old one. It does not have enough memory to store all these messages. I am writing them here so that I could use the telephone inbox in these difficult days.

4 Nov 20:28 - Have a speedy recovery from norman ps I miss u like bloody hell
Norman sent this message when I was having cold in Davao City.

6 Nov 18:27 - Pa so sad without u
Norman was staying with his mother, we just met each other this morning when I picked him up for school.

6 Nov 19:09 - Want 2 b with u
Norman often says that he wants to live with me rather than with his mother. The current arrangement is five days with his mother and two days with me. Norman wants to change that. He wants to be able to decide where he lives.

7 Nov 6:49 - Pa got detention for not bringing the form
His mother wrote a wrong address in a school form. I asked Norman to ask another form. But his teacher detained him during the school break.

10 Nov 18:57 - Love u 2, I'll ft

11 Nov 2007 18:44 - Hope we win
It seems to me that we have to file a lawsuit on Norman's custody. We have to go to court. Waiting the Children Protection Commission to produce a progress is too long. We have been filing a petition since August.

11 Nov 2007 20:11 - Hope court work fast, dont want u 2 sacrifice
I told Norman that if we love someone, we will sacrifice ourselves for him or her. Love is anmeasureable. But there are some things that we could measure i.e time, money, energy. I love Norman that I could use my time, my money and my energy to help him out.

11 Nov 2007 20:47 - Then I'll wake up at 5 or 4
When he knows that I wake up very early everyday, prior to picking him up for school, Norman also decided to wake up early.

13 Nov 2007 14:23 - Want 2 go 2 senayan, traffic bintaro 2 far
Norman sent this message when facing a traffic jam going to Bintaro from school. He usually spend at least two hours going back from school.

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