Saturday, January 08, 2011

Lost Wallet in Philadelphia

I AM WRITING this message here for anyone who might find my wallet in Philadelphia. I might lose it either at the Dunkin Donut counter at 4268 Ridge Avenue or Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education, 4842 Ridge Avenue, PA 19129.

I was at the Dunkin Donut outlet around 12 midday, buying a cup of hot chocolate and a muffin. I went with a friend later, picking up his son at the tennis school.

I have my ID card, driving license, ATM card and two credit cards inside that wallet. I also have some US dollars and Indonesian rupiahs. They're all under my own name: Andreas Harsono.

If you happen to find that brown leather wallet, please call me at 215-2918448. You could also leave in Comment here. I really appreciate this assistance.


Kareem Bryant, a tennis coach at the Arthur Ashe tennis school, found the wallet and called a friend of mine in Washington DC, asking her to get in touch with me. I met him at the school on Sunday, thanking him for finding my wallet and my cell phone. Kareem Bryant is also a school principal and a former student-athlete at Central Connecticut State University. Now I have my wallet back.

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kukukotor said...

Woooa is it for real? You are very lucky!