Thursday, January 20, 2005

My working desk

A visitor took my photo in my working desk, facing the southern part of Jakarta. I usually typed with my laptop. I am using a small Sony tape recorder when interviewing sources. 

This is a tiny living room where my friends usually chatted with me. It has a tiny dining room with a Japanese-styled table with four chairs. 

See that blue sofa? It is also a place where some of them liked to take a nap or to sleep when staying over. One of my regular visitors was Agus Sopian, an editor from Bandung, West Java, who worked with me at the Pantau Foundation. 

I also have two wooden craft. I bought the two nagas from a shop near Aung San Suu Kyi's house in Rangoon. I interviewed her in 1997. It was quite an effort to bring them back to Jakarta. 

The Planet Hollywood T-shirt? 

I got it from a second-hand store in Jakarta. I am quite familiar with buying second-hand goods. It is an effort to reduce consumerism. 

The black pajama-like jacket? 

I bought it from a Badui man from an isolated village in western Java. They refuse to get in touch with the so-called modern world. They weaved their own clothes. They walked from their village to this metropolitan, selling jackets --black and blue-- and forest honey.

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