Friday, October 30, 2015

New business model for journalism

Ubud Writers' Festival

Acclaimed journalist Andreas Harsono, who now works for Human Rights Watch, was lamenting Indonesia’s ‘Religious Harmony’ ideology that is supposed to allow the majority to protect the minority and the minority to respect the majority religious beliefs.

He sees racism as the underlying issue in the perception of Papua in media and enlightened the audience on the difficulties for women in Indonesia, especially those wanting to become involved in the police who must submit to intense, intimate evaluation.

Harsono answered questions expressing his views on the internet and NGOs disturbing and disrupting the business models of centralised media companies, citing Charles Lewis’ paper on "The Rise of NGOs and Non-Profit Media" as a major influence, and the New York Times as the best news organisation and, despite his own criticisms, Tempo as Indonesia’s best media.

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