Monday, August 08, 1994

Sirnagalih Declaration

Sirnagalih Declaration signatories near the swimming pool in Wisma Tempo Sirnagalih, Puncak, Bogor.
The following document signed by 58 journalists from a variety of cities was issued on 7 August. The English translation was received with the original in Bahasa. (

We acknowledge freedom of speech, access to information and freedom of association as a basic right of all citizens.

We recognise that the history of the Indonesian press is marked by press struggles to uphold truth and justice as well as to oppose all types of oppression.

In carrying out its mission, the Indonesian press places national unity and national priorities above individual and group interests.

Indonesia is a constitutional state. Because of this the Indonesian press bases its struggles on legal principles rather than power.

Based on the above mentioned principles:

We reject all kinds of interference, intimidation, censorship and media bans which deny the freedom of speech and open access to information.

We reject all efforts to dissipate the spirit of the Indonesian press venturing to fight for their concerns.

We reject one-sided information advanced for the benefit of individuals or groups in the name of national interest.

We reject any diversions from the law and legal regulations conflicting with Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution (UUD 1945).

We reject the concept of a single conpulsory organisation for journalists.

We proclaim the establishment of the Alliance of Independent Journalists (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen) as an organisation which upholds the struggles and concerns of the Indonesian press.

Sirnagalih, 7 August 1994


Achmad Taufik (Bandung)
Andreas Harsono (Jakarta)
Ardian T. Gesuri (Jakarta)
Arief Budiman (Salatiga)
Aristides Katoppo (Jakarta)

Asikin (Bandung)
Ati Nurbaiti (Jakarta)
Ayu Utami (Jakarta)
Bambang Harymurti (Jakarta)
Bina Baktiati (Jakarta)

Candra Negara (Surabaya)
Christianto Wibisono (Jakarta)
Dadang Rachmat HS (Jakarta)
Dhia Prekasha Yoedha (Jakarta)
Didik Budiarta (Jakarta)

Diah Purnomowati (Jakarta)
Didik Supriyanto (Jakarta)
Goenawan Mohamad (Jakarta)
Happy Sulistiyadi (Bandung)
Hasudungan Sirait (Jakarta)

Heddy Lugito (Yogyakarta)
Hendrajit (Jakarta)
Ida Farida (Bandung)
Idon Haryana (Jakarta)
Imran Hasibuan (Jakarta)

Indrawan (Jakarta)
Jalil Hakim (Surabaya)
Janoe Arijanto (Jakarta)
Keliek M. Nugroho (Surabaya)
Lenah Susianty (Jakarta)

Liston P. Siregar (Jakarta)
M Faried Cahyono (Yogyakarta)
M Thoriq (Yogyakarta)
Fikri Jufri (Jakarta)
M. Anis (Surabaya)

Moebance Moera (Surabaya)
Nuruddin Amin (Yogyakarta)
Putu Wirata (Surabaya)
Ragawa Indra Marti (Jakarta)
Rinny S. Doddy (Bandung)

Rustam Fachri Mandayun (Yogyakarta)
Rudy P. Singgih (Jakarta)
Santoso (Jakarta)
Satrio Arismunandar (Jakarta)
T.J. Wibowo (Jakarta)

Yopie Hidayat (Jakarta)
Yopie Lasut (Jakarta)
Yosep Adi Prasetyo (Jakarta)
Zed Abidin (Surabaya)

The remaining names are the signatures only without the city added. Some signatures are difficult to decipher:

Jus Soema di Pradja
Budiman S. Hartoyo
Yoanida Rosita
Wahyu Muryadi
Toriq Hadad

Saifullah Yusuf
Eros Djarot
Amir ... Jus ... (?)
Dwi Setyo Irawanto

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there is ayu utami, in the list. Baru tahu aku kalu ayu utami udah berkiprah banyak sebelum larung dan saman.