Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Indonesian Armed Forces Accused of Timika Attack

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:

The Indonesian Armed forces has been accused of involvement in the assault against a PT Freeport employee bus convoy in Timika, Papua, back in 2002. The accusation was exposed in last month’s edition of the South East Asia Research journal.

“We found not just one mastermind behind this action, but many,” American anthropologist, S. Eben Kirksey and journalist Andreas Harsono wrote in the journal.

Antonius Wamang, one the leaders of the Papua Armed Forces, a member of the Free Papua Organization (OPM), was charged with masterminding the attack that killed two American teachers. Wamang was sentenced for life
following a trial.

The journal revealed the involvement of someone who was connected within the army and helped Wamang to prepare the attack. “This person told Wamang to purchase the weapons for the attack, in Jakarta”, said Andreas,
as quoted by the AFP.

The chief of the Indonesia Armed Forces Headquarters’ Information Center, Air Marshall Sagom Tamboen urged the matter to be followed up if there is evidence. “But if the findings are linked to the recent American Congress declaration, we can regard this as a series of interventions on Indonesian’s internal affairs,” he said.

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